Being the web site of Will Quale,

morris dancer, concertina maker, librarian & archivist, contra dancer, community organizer, linguist, medievalist, editor, genealogist, structuralist, transit geek, progressive policy wonk, occasional Perl hacker, æsthete, design geek, aspiring chef, artisan, & adventurer.

I design and make things; analyze, find patterns in, and describe things; and help small communities with big ideas create a better world.

Things I Like (and may enumerate on in the Future):

  • The Morris
  • dancing of many splendid varieties
  • squeezeboxes of several shapes & sizes
  • the folk music of the Isle of Man, and their dances
  • trains, trolleys, & suchlike
  • public transit & intermodal connections
  • maps
  • hiking in western Canada & elsewhere
  • speculative fiction
  • mathematics & geometry
  • strategy games
  • orange juice
  • cats
  • hats
  • puzzle solving & logistics
  • Bilbo, Kuifje & Snufkin
  • surrealism
    • [quick unfurls autumn
      lazy eggplants drifting off
      trees of reddish gold]
  • languages, linguistics & etymologies
  • libraries
  • Barack Obama

This list is not comprehensive and contents may shift or settle in transit.

Actual Content may be added to this website in the Future.

You can contact me via email sent to firstname.lastname@gmail.com.

Self Portrait, November 2002
© 2002 Will Quale